Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lemp Brewpub social media disaster, think before you share a post!

According to the hype on the social media, even the people who haven't been to Lemp are posting and sharing negatively. I mean c'mon if you are frustrated over something don't take it out on these guys. These days before the judicial system, the social media gives its verdict. So we think we are above the law and for such cases which take years in our country, we'll play our personal fastrack court and give our judgement. I understand we are Indians and like to add masala to everything, but this my friend was too overrated!

Now wont start giving my personal opinions about the case like most people, because it still needs a lot of investigation, but what I can do is share several experiences I have had at Lemp with my friends.

"According to me", its the best place in Gurgaon if you don't have an extra rich pocket with keys of a BMW in them, and still want to chill with your friends and have a fine chilled beer. To take out time from that busy life and escape into a beautiful ambiance & enjoying a good crowd that is quite rare in Gurgaon.

Now, about the people sharing and posting negatively about Lemp. The hospitality in Lemp is above all brewpubs in the town. Already there must have been a lot of social marketing companies that would have been paid for this negative publicity of the pub by the rival companies due to its rapid booming reputation, please don't post and share just because you heard it somewhere and want to join in with this so called social cause when you aren't even aware of those incidents. What you people did only helped those internet marketing companies, and the sad part my friends, you worked for them for free!

Its funny how people can act upon something on knowing just one side of the story. Am sure there was no one who approached Lemp before making comments and accusing zomato. Am sure even after doing that the place they would log in before their dinner is Zomato itself. Apart from that the story sounds too made up after two paragraphs, I mean even Gabbar in Sholay sounded more peaceful.

The guy accuses Lemp of passing lewd comments on a girl, a misuse of the recently awakened respect for ladies in our country, just to spark his blog. Honestly, first of all I can't believe a place like Lemp which welcomes lady DJs to play at their Brewpub would do that. Besides we never faced such problems.

So folks, next time before you post or share such things, please know that the damage done through social media cannot be undone so easily. I'm just trying to save a place I love in my city, not defending anyone or making a judgement. And for those guys, if things like these happen with you at some point in life, which I doubt might have happened at Lemp, make sure you call your parents immediately before becoming a personal investigating detective for hours. Now if you really have those detective fantasies, do something better than just clicking pictures of the staff, because it is no evidence at all. Avoid creating scenes over pity issues like Hawaiian FoodPeace out Gurgaon! Love y'all!

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  1. Amazing pub !! amazing beer!! amazing staff and amazing ambiance and amazing music too!!! Over all an amazing place to go and let your hair down! The place is huge and accommodates plenty a crowd..!

    Go with friends..get drunk and dance crazy irrespective of the absence of a dance floor!!
    The staff are very cooperative and don't bother you or snide upon your antics , unless you're causing nuisance :P

    My first flaming shots were had at this place, very sweet and delicious actually!.. the food tasted good, and other appetizers too were very prim and meet expectations..

    This place holds one of my best times spent in gurgoan...!! definitely a go-again place..!

  2. I like this place , it look so rich in ambience , style and food. I have attended many parties in LEMP, I felt that I am in PAGE 3 party. Fantabulous visit this pub.

  3. nice and beautiful pub in gurgaon...

  4. My experience is very good with Lemp.

    Its a nice pub where you can take your spouse and you can go there with friends as well! Its one of the places which plays good music, dance and serves good food too!!

  5. Lemp was the first bar I ever visited in Delhi. And after that, I visited many bars in India but still I can say that Lemp is the best! I loved the music, the drinks and the food is just amazing. The ambiance is very good. Looking forward to go there again.

  6. Your enthusiasm to make an entire blog out of a post which otherwise would have got more attention on Facebook. Seems like you have been dearly paid off!

  7. Thank you for the feedback Ankit. Considering that part about getting paid of yours seriously, but no such plans for now. And I had read that entire blog, and 3 more about the same, read articles of which the links are given at the bottom. Paid or not paid doesn't matter. What matters is the content. My blog is neutral I don't support any of the two, just shared my experience of that place and made people aware questioning the reliability of social media. All I'm against is the verdict and judgement the social media made without any consideration. Besides the fact that anonymous blogger has deleted his blog now but the damage has been done. Just telling people to be more aware of what they share.